• Delegation from Vietnam Lilama 69-1 Joint Stock Company visited Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited

    On April 18th , 2018, Delegation from Vietnam Lilama 69-1 Joint Stock Company visited Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited(GUODIAN TECH)。Tang Jian, Vice President of China GUODIAN TECH attend the meeting and Yan Nan, Director of Overseas Business Dept. of GUODIAN TECH and CEO of China Guodian Technology & Environment Group Hong Kong Corporation Limited(CGDCHK) chaired the meeting. Both company have conducted in-depth cooperation and discussion on industrial energy conservation, power plant environmental protection, wind power equipment manufacturing, etc.. CGDCHK and Li1ama69-1 signed the Memorandum of Understanding(MOU), will carry on the deep cooperation to Vietnam and its Southeast Asia periphery market. [More]

  • Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited Award 2017 Global New Energy 500

    Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited by virtue of the new energy equipment manufacturing and other areas of excellence, ranked 44th in the “Global New Energy 500” list, the affiliated company of Joint Power took the 111th position. “Global New Energy Enterprise 500” activity is an authoritative research and evaluation of large-scale public welfare activity jointly launched by《China Energy Journal》 and China Energy Economic Research Institute for the new energy industry, the event has successfully held six sessions since 2011. “2017 Global New Energy 500” list involves 34 countries and regions, the annual business income is adopted as the [More]

  • Set The Sail—The successful bid for the Indonesia Java No. 7 coal-fired power plant (2×1050 MW unit) DCS project

    The Indonesia Java No. 7 coal-fired power plant (2×1050 MW unit)  project is an important project of Chinese energy enterprises to implement the Belt And Road initiative, and is carried out by Shenhua Group holding joint venture enterprise  for the design, investment, construction and operation maintenance. With its advanced technology, products and engineering project performance, Guodian Zhishen stands out in the fierce competition and wins the bid for DCS subproject. In recent years, Guodian Zhishen attached great importance to the development and application of DCS technology, and has made positive progress. Guodian Zhishen currently has completely independent property rights of [More]

  • Guodian Technology & Environment Group HongKong Co.,Ltd Officially Signed The Project Framework Cooperation Agreement (MOU) With Indonesian GANDA Group

    December 5 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Guodian Technology &Environment Group HongKong Co.,Ltd(GDHK) vice president Mr. LIM Hock Lye visited GANDA Group chief executive officer , Mr. Harino and wholly owned subsidiary of PT. MITECH company chairman Mr. Freddi at GANDA Group headquarters. GANDA Group involved many business is Indonesia’s top five rich group with high business reputation and huge assets, including the headquarters GAMMA Tower high 72 – storeys , which is the entire Indonesian supreme landmarks. GDHK and GANDA Group has deep conversation about Engineering and Procurement projects cooperation such as ERW pipe production line equipments and complete sets [More]

  • Overseas Business Risk Management and Control Exchange Conference

    On Dec 19th 2017, Mr. Wang Fujian China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, visited Guodian Technology & Environment  Group Corporation Limited to share the overseas business risk management and control analysis. The overseas department and related overseas business department managers joint this conference. The conference focuses on the value of export & credit insurance for the company and its application. Moreover China’s contribution in the context of global economic indicators around the 2017, the foreign investment and outsourcing projects of Chinese enterprises and the background of Chinese enterprises: international industrial transfer and “the Belt and Road Initiative”. pointed out [More]

  • Guodian Technology & Environment Group Co.,Ltd Awarded the Thomson Reuters’ Global Renewable Energy Top 25

    Recently, Thomson Reuters the world’s leading resource platform published the top 100 Global Energy Leader List. This is the first comprehensive assessment of today’s leading energy companies. The study is an objective assessment of the firm’s relentless pursuit of excellence in a complex business environment, involving 8 main areas of performance: finance, management and investor confidence, risk and resilience, legal compliance, innovation, livelihood and social responsibility, environmental impact and reputation. In this report, there are eight pillars of energy company performance that capture the current scope of what’s needed for success in the current business environment. The list captures a [More]

  • Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited Holds 2017 International Business Meeting Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited Holds 2017 International Business Meeting

    Overseas Business Department In order to strengthen the control of foreign affairs management, overseas market exploitation and risk prevention and control, the company decided that combined overseas business department and Hong Kong corporation limited offices. On October 17, Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited held its 2017 international business meeting in Beijing. Mr. Zhang Jun,the Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of the company attended the meeting and made an important speech; Mr.Zhang Xiaodong, the party committee member and Vice General Manager of the company, presided over the meeting. Totally 35 persons, including the heads of the relevant departments [More]

  • Super Merge!China’s fourth largest energy state enterprise was born
  • Ethan Zindler, the Bloomberg New Energy Finance U.S. Policy Analysis Director, Brings the Latest Information of Latin America

    On June 7, 2017, Ethan Zindler, the Bloomberg New Energy Finance U.S. Policy Analysis Director, visited Guodian Technology & Environment  Group HongKong Corporation Limited to share the latest news about Latin America wind market. Senior Project Manager Frank Lee and Chief Technology Officer Li Li also attended the conference. Both Parties exchanged in an extensive way and discussed the policies of new energy resources and power generation especially wind power generation in Brazil and non-brazil Latin area. Ethan Zindler deeply analyzed the power generation manufacturing capacity and market share in 2016 in Brazil, turbine share overview and power generation manufacturing [More]

  • Total Analysis on the Belt and Road Initiative