Technology of Waste Water Treatment in Coal Chemical Industry

“Technology of Waste Water Treatment in Coal Chemical Industry”, which is independently researched and developed, is a kind of technology, by means of biochemical methods, to reduce the concentration of pollutants including organics and ammonia nitrogen, etc. in the waste water, and then to further reduce the concentration of refractory organics as well as chroma and turbidity, etc. through the treatment process of advanced oxidization + membrane method, so as to make the waste water meet the demand of the standards for re-using or discharging.

This technology can be extensively applied in waste water treatment projects in coal chemical industry. According to the quality of different kinds of waste water, constitution of each step of process including pre-treatment, biochemical treatment and advanced treatment, etc. can be flexibly adjusted; besides, indexes of pollutant in the water produced from the system can be controlled by adjusting the operational parameters as per the project requirement.

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