Social Contribution

We pay close attention to the social needs and always adhere to the acts of public welfare and philanthropy, such as donations to schools, condoling with solitary elders, aiding disaster victims, etc.

Guodian Tech Makes Donations to Yucai School

In the time of alternating warmth and coldness, Guodian Tech donated more than 2,600 articles to Yucai School, including books, computers, basketballs, footballs, badminton rackets, skipping ropes, toys, clothes, etc., conveying the sunshine-like warmth to the children from the families of migrant workers.


Guodian Tech Aids the Earthquake Relief Work of Disaster Area

Guodian Tech is always concerned about the disaster area. On April 19th, Guodian Tech responded actively to the requirement and deployment of leading Party group of Guodian Corporation, organizing all the cadres and workers to donate money to the Yushu District in Qinghai Province, which was stricken by earthquake.


We Could Finally Have A look at The Outside World

19 pupils from mountainous areas of Guizhou Province boarded the flight to Yantai, Shandong Province with the support of Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd. They all looked so excited on taking their first journey: “We could finally have a look at the outside world.”


Warm-winter Action to Help Students from Yushu

The Nangqian County, which is a nationally designated poor county in Yushu, has four remote primary schools housing 260 students, who are still studying in the tents. Our delegations crossed the bealock with an elevation of over 4,000m, passed the canyon with steep cliffs and arrived at the Oasis Hope Primary School located in Juela Township of Nangqian County at 1 a.m. the next day in the early morning after 5h trek. After distributing the donated articles, they immediately went to the Waka Village Primary School in Jiqu Township for donation. We totally raised RMB 32,800 and donated 126 supplies including cotton-padded clothes, books, etc. and purchased living and school things for them.


Company Going to Orphanage for Love Donation

Most of the orphans have congenital disability or special diseases. They were sent to the orphanage due to the death of their parents, criminal detention of their parents or being abandoned by their parents. Our company staff brought necessities of study and life, such as condolence money, schoolbags, school things, extra books, clothes, etc. to the children. Moreover, they played and exchanged with those children, trying to enter their inner world to have an in-depth understanding about their studying and living conditions. In addition, our company staff did cleaning and repaired desks and chairs for the orphanage.


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