Supervisory Information System refers to the information system for real-time production process monitoring and management which is mainly used to set up a platform of production process real-time/historical database for the power generation enterprises and provide integrated optimized service for the enterprise’s real-time production process. The Supervisory Information System is classified into plant-level and company-level.

By taking the process control system and data acquisition control device as the basis, the advanced computer network and database technology as the platform, and the several running optimization software as the support, VeStore Plant-level Supervisory Information System is used to realize the sharing of the production information within the range of the whole plant, and provide comprehensive optimization service for the production process management of the power generation enterprises, thus realizing optimal monitoring and management on the production process. With the development in technology, the application range of Plant-level Supervisory Information System has been expanded to hydropower stations, wind power stations, photovoltaic power generation stations, etc.

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