Currently, the Company possesses strong post-project guarantee ability. The Company is franchised for flue gas desulphurization, and provides after-sales maintenance and guarantee services for wind power facilities.

Franchise rights for flue gas desulphurization business of thermal power plant means: under organization and coordination of the competent governmental authorities, the thermal power plant franchises to the professional desulphurization companies the right to earnings formed by desulphurization electricity price, desulphurization-related preferential policies, etc. issued by the government and then the professional desulphurization companies shall be responsible for the investment, construction, operation, maintenance and daily management of the desulphurization facilities and fulfil the desulphurization tasks stipulated in contracts.

There are totally 29 franchise projects for which the contracts have already been signed, in which 18 franchised desulphurization companies have been put into production, with installed capacity of 16,570MW; 14 companies of desulphurization facilities are being under construction (including 3 companies who have already been put into production but is currently under units expansion), with installed capacity of 12,130MW; in total, the installed capacity of the franchised desulphurization facilities is 28,700MW.

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