China Guodian Corporation, established on December 29th, 2002 under the authorization by the State Council, is an integrated power corporation based on power generation and mainly engaged in the development, investment, construction, operation and management of power sources; production and sales organization of electric power (thermal power); investment, construction, operation and management related to coal, power generation facilities, new energy resources, high and new technology, environmental protection industry, technical services, information consulting and other electric power business; investment and financing businesses at home and abroad; independent performance of foreign trade circulation operation, international cooperation, foreign project contracting and foreign labor service cooperation and other services. In 2010, the Company was listed in the Fortune Global 500, and in 2016, it ranked the 345th among the Fortune Global 500.

Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited (“Guodian Tech” for short) was established on November 26, 2004, and is a corporate group organized by China Guodian Corporation through integrating its affiliated high-tech industry. The registered capital of Guodian Tech is RMB 360 million yuan, with shares held by China Guodian Corporation, Guodian Power Development Co., Ltd. and  China Longyuan Power Technology Developing Corporation. Guodian Tech has one wholly-owned subsidiary company and eight holding subsidiary companies, and is engaged in environmental protection, energy conservation, informatization, new energy resources, etc. Through original innovation, integration innovation and introduction and re-innovation over many years, the Company possesses lots of technologies with independent intellectual property rights which reach a leading level both domestically and internationally, enjoying good reputation and popularity in the power industry.

Blue part of the logo denotes the first letter G of Chinese phonation “guo”, with the standard color as blue, representing steadiness and eternity, and symbolizing that China Guodian Corporation is expecting a sustainable development, and making a vigorous and everlasting achievement.
Green part of the logo denotes the first letter D of Chinese phonation “dian”, with the standard color as green, representing that China Guodian Corporation provides clean energy for the society, and symbolizing that China Guodian Corporation is providing the society with clean energy and making own contributions to environment.
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