MIS system is the core of informatization of electric power sector. Its functions cover all businesses including infrastructure, production and operation of the thermal power plants. The Company has been focusing on MIS informatization for more than twenty years. By virtue of multiple years of study and accumulation and in combination of advanced management theories, the Company has learned widely from others and made optimization creatively, presenting MIS solution for Huandian Tianren. The products are characterized by their abundant functions, ease of use and good expansibility, featuring advancement, maturity and perspectiveness.

MIS system is supportive in equipment life-cycle management, which is virtually realizing the synchronization of data values on three business lines including assets (in view of financial management), equipment (in view of production entity management) and materials (in view of material management). The system also provides complete solution database and knowledge hierarchy, making value enhancement of daily business data and realizing comprehensive budget management, which thereby realizing the refinement of enterprise management and production, standardization of businesses, performance-based operation and system automation.

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