FGD Business

Guodian Technology and Environment Group Corporation Limited is China’s largest desulphurization EPC service provider and desulphurization franchise company. The accumulated desulphurization project contract capacity exceeds 100GW, of which, franchising contract capacity exceeds 30GW. The wet type desulphurization technology and seawater desulphurization technology adopted by the Company have been widely applied in the electric power industry. Also the Company has ammonia process, organic amine desulphurization technology, and the byproducts include fertilizer and industrial basic raw materials. Limestone-gypsum wet type flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process and its application was awarded the 2015 Electric Power Science and Technology Awards of China.



The company applied the conventional limestone- gypsum wet desulfurization projects with total installed capacity near 170GW, and first realized localization of key desulfurization equipments. The company is the sole environmental protection company owning the dual-loop desulfurization technology that efficiency of desulfurization up to 99% and SO2 emission index below 20mg.



The company is a domestic leading and international first-class enterprise in the field of large-capacity boiler flue gas and seawater desulfurization, with domestic market share over 90%. This technology does not require absorbent or generate any desulfurization by-products or secondary pollution, thus safe and harmless to the sea and atmosphere. Its significant advantages include simple design, lower investment, lower power consumption and higher operational percentage.



Organic amine desulfurization technology has realized recycling of “coal-electricity-phospher” integrated resources recycling, and actively explores joint production in the “power, environmental protection and chemical industry”. In comparison with conventional desulfurization technology, the organic amine desulfurization technology is able to: 1. Realize recycling of sulfur resources; 2.avoid over-exploitation of linestone for protection of ecological environment; 3. Reduce CO2 emission. It is an example of resource recycling and circular economy.



By-product of the ammonia desulfurization process is ammonium sulfate (a kind of fertilizer that can be used directly, and raw material of agricultural compound fertilizer). The whole desulfurization process is not only simple and easy for control, and able to prevent secondary pollutant emission, but also create great circular economic benefits to the local.

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