The Company possesses strong and comprehensive construction ability, and is capable of constructing the projects including coal-fired power plant EPC projects as well as the EPC projects in the fields of water treatment, renewable energy sources and energy conservation & environmental protection.

The Guodian Hami Dananhu 2×660MW Coal-electricity Integration Project under our Company’s general contracting is the first 2×660MW ultra-supercritical air cooling unit constructed in EPC mode, and is also the Group’s first important support power source project of ±800kV UHV transmission line. The Company has obtained many extraordinary achievements including energizing of the service power systems for the two sets of units, the ignition of boiler, synchronization of generator, etc. Before implementing the 168-hour full load test run, the company has completed all grid-related test items as per high standards according to Guodian’s requirements. During the 168-hour test run, both of the two sets of units have run stably, each of their indexes is excellent, and the average load rate reaches 98.5%, all of the atmospheric pollutant emission indexes reaches the ultra-low emission standards, thus the units have achieved advanced level among the units of the same type.

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