We are proud and happy to be a member of Guodian Corporation: Guodian is the place where employees pursue happy life and attributive value. Guodian is also the stage of career where employees play their individual talent and realize the value of life.
Real Cases:
When I just jointed the Hong Kong branch of Guodian Tech, I was not familiar with this company, but I was deeply touched by meticulous care offered by company employees.
When I saw the project charged by me achieved the affirmation from the Owner, I feel very proud, this is also the affirmation of my previous works and contributions.
Hong Kong branch of Guodian Technology and Environment Group Co., Ltd. pays great attention to technological innovation and practice. As one of the biggest suppliers of environmental protection business, the company provides me a broad stage, which makes me can fully play my talent on this stage and realize my own value.
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