Dust Removal Business

Guodian Technology and Environment Group Corporation Limited is the world’s leading provider of power plant dedusting solution. The independently researched and developed wet type electric precipitator, with its anode plate adopting conductive GRP, can reduce equipment investment and features stable operation, small waste water discharge and low power consumption in operation. The independently researched and developed rotary type LP pulse bag filter is characterized by large filtering area under the same volume, good dust removal effect, small amount of maintenance work and low running cost, both of which have been successfully applied in multiple large-scale coal fired power plants.


Bag Dust Removal Technology

The company is one of the first enterprises engaged in research, development and application of bag filters for thermal power plants in China. The bag filter is especially designed for treatment of flue gas from boilers in the thermal power plants, which is featured as large filtering area, good effect of ash removal, low ash handing frequency, high efficiency of dust removal, lower energy consumption and little maintenance, and successfully applied to dust removal of boilers in several large-size fire-coaled power plants.


Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Technology

According to the actual condition of dust emission of the thermal power plants, the company has successfully developed a new type of wet electrostatic precipitator [WESP]. Based on the dedusting and demisting principles of flue gas cooling and condensation, flat-plate WESP and mechanical demister, this equipment is able to effectively handle PM2.5 ultrafine dust, heavy metal and organic combined pollutants of coal-fired power plants.

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