EDPF-NT Distributed Control System (DCS) is a brand new large-sale distributed control system developed by the Company. By enhancing its performance and extension function via integration, intelligentization and networking, the system is able to realize high-performance monitoring over the large -scale complex process, and higher level monitoring mode for the open integration and integrated management and control on the equipment of the third party, so as to meet the informatization needs of control at all levels from shop-level monitoring to the integrated monitoring of the whole plant. It can be widely used for process automatic control and information monitoring and management in the industries such as thermal power plant, hydropower, nuclear power, new energy, petroleum, chemical industry, municipal heating systems, etc. EDPF-NT Distributed Control System is suitable for various large-scale and complex industrial process control applications, and can be also used to form simple system to satisfy the applications of small scale and low cost. EDPF-NT is an advanced process control system oriented to the whole production process.

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