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On  February 29th, the first 10 united power UP86 wind turbine equipment manufactured by Guodian United Power for South Africa Project was shipped from Lianyungang. The ship reached Coega Port after travelling 24 days across northern and southern hemispheres through the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean and it was unloaded at 11:40 local time on March 1st.

The wind turbine equipment transported included 10 sets of main cabins, hubs and blades. In order to ensure the safety of blade transportation, the blade transportation supports were specially designed to ensure stability during the long sea voyage. After successfully passing the customs inspection, they would be transported by land to the Longyuan construction site in De Arh, South Africa.

For the transportation of the equipment, the Longyuan South Africa Company organized United Power and international freight corporation in advance to study the sea and inland transportation schemes and handle customs clearance procedures for Chinese export and South African import, thus avoiding the additional charges incurred due to long time customs clearance.

On September 28th, the first set of UP86 wind turbine of De Arh Wind Power Project, Longyuan South Africa Company was succeeded in its hoisting work by one 1,200t hydraulic crane in cooperation with one truck crane. In order to ensure the successful implementation of hoisting work, Longyuan South Africa Company paid close attention to the weather changes, organized the hoisting machinery to enter site with care, made close coordination between the hoisting company and wind turbine manufacturer and prepared elaborate hoisting scheme.

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