Code of Conduct

Corporate activities are implemented based on the seven codes of conduct, which promotes Guodian to become an enterprise that Chinese are proud of.

Safety First and life Supremacy

Safety is the cornerstone of life while life is the meaning of safety. Life is sacred and great. What we have struggled for is meaningful only when our life is guaranteed. Guodian has always put the life of each employee in the first place. Only with reverence for life will we be blessed by life.

Everyone Can Succeed and Everyone Has Own Stage

Employees are the foundation and assets of enterprise, and their intelligence is the source of enterprise’s development. Guodian has unceasingly carried out various training programs for employees and provided them with platforms to show themselves. Respect employees, treat them well and ensure their interests practically.

Equality in Position and Responsibility and Laying Equal Stress on Both Awards and Punishments

Duty and responsibility mean that duty is consistent with responsibility without any bias. Rewards and punishment mean that work is done in accordance with systems, under which everyone is equal. The good ones will be rewarded while the bad ones get punished without prejudice.

Incorruptibility in Work and Clean in Behaviors

Manage the enterprise based on law and abide by regulations and disciplines. Perform  impartially with oneself and keep honest and upright. Be strict with yourself and keep righteous and fair. Be a clean-handed and diligent person.

Pursuing Excellence and Seeking Day-by-Day Innovation

Based on one’s own post, keep improving and strive for absolute perfection, thus increasing work performance continuously. Bear the consciousness of innovation and fighting spirit in mind all the time and be bold in innovations and have the courage to change and create. Surpass yourself and forerunners unceasingly.

Managing Corporation by Laws and Observing Laws in Work

Formulate systems based on law and manage enterprise according to systems. Perfect the systems and working mechanisms. Regulate the enterprise behavior with everything done according to  laws and regulations and increase the law-based governance level of enterprise. Enhance the legal concept as well as rule awareness with the professional disciplines, regulations and systems and laws strictly abided by.

Keeping Gratitude in Mind and Paying it Through Actions

Cultivate the sense of gratitude of both enterprises and employees. The employees are mutually grateful with each other while employees show gratitude to enterprise, vice versa. The employees and enterprise feel grateful for society together. The employees cherish their posts, work hard and live a happy life; the enterprise cares for the employees, performs its responsibilities actively and repays the society, making the fruits of the enterprise reform benefit all employees.

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